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THE SOLAR TSunami is quickly approaching!

The US Solar Industry is poised to TRIPLE over the next five years

U.S. Residential solar installations have experienced a significant growth spike over the past decade as more and more people became aware of the many benefits going solar had to offer them. Due to significant declines in manufacturing costs, technological advancements, simplified sales, and installation process and an increase in operational efficiency, the demand for residential solar has grown more than 60% annually since 2008!

Over the last two years, there have been more solar modules installed in the U.S. than in the previous 30 years combined. The gold rush towards solar has been largely driven by homeowners desires to save money, increase the value of their homes and property, protect the environment and achieve energy independence.

In the past going solar was mainly reserved for “those people” who had a strong passion and desire to support the environment; the economics were not all that great back then but “those people” pioneered the path to where we find ourselves today. Today solar is finally for everyone. The compelling economic benefits of going solar are clear and is now the main reason why homeowners are “Making the Shift” to clean, renewable solar energy for their homes.


The Solar Tsunami is finally here!




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