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    APEX Portable Solar Generator w/1-Solar Storm 100

    The Apex Portable Solar Generator Bronze Kit will give you simple, reliable, off-grid power wherever and whenever you need it. Perfect for power outages, camping and RV’ing, or as a power source for remote cabins.

    Easy to carry | Quick to assemble | Unlimited fuel supply  

    The Apex is the most powerful solar generator in our lineup, yet still only weighs 25 lbs. capable of satisfying the demanding needs of camp trailers and home appliances for days at a time, this generator is as versatile as it is powerful. For the ultimate in emergency power or camping luxury without the hassles of traditional fuel powered generators, the Apex is second to none. Recharges fully in 15-17 hours of ideal sunlight.

    APEX Portable Solar Generator w/1 - Solar Storm 100 Panel
    APEX 1100 Watt Portable Solar Generator w/ 1 - Solar Storm 100W Solar Panel - Bronze Kit
    SKU: APEX-1-SS100WBK
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    APEX Portable Solar Generator w/1 - Solar Storm 100 Panel
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    Customer Testimonials

    Lynn – July 23, 2016 
    Lives up to what they promise. So far this has been a great tool for us as full-time cruising sailors. My only complaint is that one outlet doesn’t work, I think some wires are just crossed but I haven’t wanted to go in and take anything apart. Anyway, tremendously nice to have aboard!

    Ben – September 28, 2016 
    I have used my Kodiak for over 6 months multiple times a week for running high powered pumps, fridges, freezers, fans, lights, TVs, and all sorts of other stuff. I love the fact that I can add more batteries to it and I can run the Kodiak even longer. I highly recommend getting the car charger for it and extra panels to charge it even faster than just a few hours. It is very lightweight at only 20lbs. which makes it easy to take anywhere with me. I was looking at other generators and for the same amount of power output i was looking at a similar price but 2x to 5x the weight with fewer connections. This is the best choice by far.

    Alex Wells – October 10, 2016 
    Great product that I have put in my custom RV. Fit right in to my existing setup by connecting it through the existing batteries I had installed. However, I am wondering why the only panels that I can plug directly in are the predator panels. Isn’t there an adapter inergy can supply or sell to connect pannels that people already have?

    Eric Bartholomew – November 1, 2016 
    Great product, would highly recommend it. I have been using the Kodiak at a small off grid cabin since September. The unit runs all the LED lights, 32″ flat screen TV and a CPAP machine. I wired a 30 amp RV plug for use with the unit. I have also added one extra AGM battery, and have gone as long as 4 days and nights with out a recharge. My only trouble is I am still waiting to receive the 5 solar panels and 30′ cord. I have also used the Kodiak at my home when we lost power from a storm, worked great no noise or fumes like I would get from my gas powered generator. At 20 pounds the unit is so light and portable my wife can it with ease.

    Jon Leach – November 6, 2016 
    Great battery! I bought one for my RV also and I’m using a 200 W panel on top of the RV. This battery has a RV hook up, this makes it easy to use at home or on the RV. I have two cords made by Inergy, one for the cigarette lighter for charging the Kodiak and one to hook up to the solar panel.
    My hope that we can eventually use lithium batteries for added amp power, in a future product. At present we can only use a AGM for best results.

    C Nel – December 5, 2016 
    Purchased this gen for my special needs son for all his medical devices “when on the road”, air compressor for his humidification device and the actual humidifier and my cpap machine. Powers all three devices all night with no problems. Thank you so much to the inergy team…you all are life savers.
    C – Dec 5 2016

    Aimee and Miren – February 22, 2017 
    So happy to have found a company making such a quality lithium generator. It has taken a lot of worry out of our van living situation. After using a Yeti 1250 for months and growing more and more frustrated we switched to the Kodiak and have been very pleased with its performance. From reducing the space and weight used in the van, to more reliable power, to out performing in the cold winter weather, the list of perks over the lead acid Yeti is nearly endless. Customer service has been great to work with; quick to respond to emails or general questions. Looking forward to more products developed by Inergy in the future as the lithium battery industry really grabs hold.

    David L., Northern Michigan – February 28, 2017 
    I’m happy to have purchased such a great device, that is ready to use, out of the box. I picked the darkest months in northern Michigan to start my solar project, but so far I have been pleased with the performance of the Kodiak. It is solid and versatile, and I’m already considering doubling my solar charging ability from 180W to 360W, which should account for the darkness of winter months. I can foresee a multitude of uses, from travelling on the road to living in an off-grid cabin. I am using it to offset my daily electric usage now, and I also like the idea of having a silent back-up generator, if the power goes out. Thanks to Inergy Solar for leading the field of back-up battery generators; keep up the great work and innovation!

    Alan DeMars – May 5, 2017 
    Quiet, extremely light weight for its capacity, lots of ports and charging options. I’ve charged it from the wall adapter and from my solar panels. I’ve sailed brightly through three 8 hour power outages in our neighborhood while my neighbors’ houses were dark. I even bought one of these for my 85 year old mother who lives alone to give us both some security!

    Sonya McLeod – May 14, 2017 
    I bought an older version of the Kodiak and another smaller generator the Safari (500 watts) early 2014, that inergy created and sold when they first went into business.. I was educating myself on how to make my own solar battery bank for emergencies and also to use as I lived in one of the best states for solar power AZ. It took me a while to purchase from a company, as it was an expense. But I am so glad that I did. If I would have made my own, I am sure I would have had to replace parts by now, and it would have cost me more in the long run. Plus the fact that it would not have been mobile. I love the systems that I have and wish I had more, but there is that expense issue again. inergy prices are very competitive and their systems hold up. Their customer service is AMAZING!!!! and the company are very trustworthy and very customer orientated. I have not used my systems too much, as I want them for emergency’s, but I have had them for 3 years now and with proper care they will last a long time.

    They say that you can recharge them upto 2000 times. Well if you use them every single day that is 5.5 years life span, constantly being used. If you only use them 100 days in the year, that is 20yrs life. (not sure if they will last that long) But based on that I need to use them more and enjoy them. And if you hook them up to the solar panels with a full battery, then it is using the sun for power. The added bonus for me was the external hook up. To be able to add more battery power or if the batteries did die eventually I could add the deep cycles to still get power. I have powered my freezer, blender, drill, slow cooker, lights, evaporative cooler (for my animals outside) and other electrics, even used it for my washing machine. I get excited when the power goes out, cause then I can use my inergy power to go generators  Now all I need is a small cabin in the woods totally off grid for my generators, now that would be awesome. 

    Thank you ingery for being AMAZING!!!!! I always show my friends and new friends your generators and what they can do.

    Bryan Hoffman – June 13, 2017 
    Called the company Wednesday night, after hours, around 7:30pm. Call was answered and informed them I needed this Kodiak unit for an event Sunday afternoon. The sales rep went back to the office and processed the order. This Kodiak was shipped on Thursday but received notice from Fedex it wouldn’t arrive until Monday, after the event. The rep from the company drove this unit down for delivery on Friday for a Saturday delivery, which did arrive on my doorstep at 8am on Saturday morning. Keep in mind the company is based near Pocatello Idaho and my location is San Diego, CA, 1,021 miles away. True story. The rep drove 15 hours each way to make sure this was received on time for my event. And yes, the unit performed fantastic and we used a deep cycle battery in parallel with the system. This level of customer service and quality of the product is truly top-tier.

    Solar Storm 100 Solar Panel
    Dimensions: 26.5" W x 39.4" H x 1.8" D

    Weight: 16.2 lbs.
    Solar Capacity: 100 watts
    Cell Type:
    APEX Charge Time with (1) 100 Watt Solar Module:  Approximately 15-17 hours of ideal sunlight
    Every Apex Bronze Solar Kit comes with all the solar panel cables you need to get started, plus a wall charger. Connect the Solar Storm 100 Panel and fully recharge the Apex in about 15-17 hours of ideal sunlight. The included Basecamp LED boasts an impressive 400 lumens to light up your home or campsite while only consuming an incredible 6 Watts. Never be left in the dark again!

    APEX Bronze Kit Includes:

    1 - APEX Portable Solar Generator
    1 - Solar Storm 100 Solar Panel
    1 - 30’ EC8 Solar Panel Cable
    1 - Basecamp LED Light
    1 - Standard Wall Charger
    1 - APEX Quick Wall Charger
    1 - APEX Car Charger
    1 - APEX Shoulder Carrying Strap

    * Panel Mounting Hardware NOT included in kit

    Apex User Manuel

    Apex Warranty: 
    12 month full repair & replacement warranty by the manufacture. See Apex user manual for more details.

    Processing & Delivery Information: 

    This item normally requires 1-5 business days to process and ship your order, plus standard transportation delivery time. Order processing will begin on the next business day when an order is placed after 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.


    We offer FREE shipping throughout the continental US!

    Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii & Canada: $150.00

    ATTENTION: All Apex customers orders outside of the US 48 states are required to fill out the following form: Outside of Continental 48 Return Agreement

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