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Our Purpose:

Solar Buyers Club's offers all Americans the best price to going solar by continually finding ways to drive down the overall hard and soft costs associated with solar installations on homes and businesses. We provide a platform where solar buyers can join together with other solar buyers within their community, city, county, and state, combine their purchasing power to effectively drive down the price of solar and make it affordable for everyone

Solar Buyers Club is changing people's lives by providing the best solar business opportunity with the highest integrity in direct selling by
 marketing our solar products and services we offer to home and business owners. Treating others as you would want to be treated and providing the means through which our Club Leaders can "Spread the Word" about the many benefits to going solar and make money consistent with their personal goals are core to our success driven purpose.

Solar Buyers Club works to unify all Americans in a common cause and growth strategy. It is powerful because it promotes a simple idea - to improve the lives of the world’s consumers every day. Solar Buyers Club grows by touching and improving our club members and club leaders lives. While this statement defines our purpose, our culture reflects the broader opportunity of improving lives through and beyond our products and services.

Our Mission:

Solar Buyers Club is much more than a company delivering high-quality retail consumer solar products and services. It is a company with a clear mission to improve the global community we live in. Solar Buyers Club is committed to helping individuals, not only with the incredible benefits of its solar products and services, but with a business opportunity that opens the door to personal success and potentially limitless financial success.

Our goal is to raise global consciousness and empower consumers and businesses in making moral, ethical, and responsible choices. Solar Buyers Club is committed to significantly raising the bar for access to renewable energy and green building technologies.

Solar Buyers Club's mission is to empower individuals to achieve new financial success and personal freedom by extending those same benefits to those around them.

We aim to provide the highest level of quality and service possible with respect to the products and services that we offer and strive to create an environment and culture that lends itself to our Club Leaders success. Our belief is that a successful company is built around superior products and services being driven by motivated Club Leaders.

Our Vision & Plan:

Solar Buyer Club's vision is to establish a unique solar business model by utilizing cutting edge green technologies that promote health, efficiency, and environmental harmony to create a national shift in the way we produce and consume energy.

Solar Buyers Club's strategy for success is constantly being updated to align with its mission, values and vision. We believe we have discovered the absolute best plan to go from living pay check to paycheck and all the frustrations and limitations associated with hourly employment to the freedom and abundance of owning a successful solar business.

Solar Buyers Club intends to share this strategy with those looking to improve their lives and is ready and willing to do what it takes to achieve their dreams! 
We envision our company becoming the standard by which others measure their success.

How will we 
achieve our vision and get 
to where we want to take you?

1. Unleash an aggressive marketing strategy.
2. Provide our Club Leaders a viable and simple road map to accomplish our mutual objectives.
3. Provide and successfully execute professional training and support.
4. Promote a culture of sharing ideas and techniques that lead to success.
5. Implement new successful strategies that contribute to increasing the value for our Club Leaders.
6. Establish a family of Club Leaders working closely together to provide information and resources to support one another’s success and provide the highest level of service to our Club Leaders thereby expediting each participant's growth and elevating their level of freedom and success.
7. We plan on attracting the best Solar Buyers Club Members and Solar Buyers Club Leaders by offering the highest quality solar products and services, the best price per watt installed and a lucrative commission and bonus compensation plan that has the potential for success!

Don't Be Afraid to Fail, Be Afraid Not to Try!

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