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"On our own we can do so little; together we can do so much."
- Helen Keller

Solar Buyers Club is making it possible for everyone to go solar on their home or business. We have put together all the missing pieces to make solar dramatically cheaper, right now!

One of the key ingredients is People Power. We’ve created a grassroots effort to spread the word about this great opportunity for everyone to finally have solar on their home and or business. 

We have cut out all of the wasteful costs that in the past made it so expensive to go solar. We use the right cutting edge technology. We don’t use salespeople, distributors, and middlemen that just add to the cost. We buy in bulk right from the manufacturers to get the best possible price and we use our special secret ingredient, our “secret sauce” that no one else knows about or uses – all of this reduces the cost so dramatically that it is a game–changer.

Finally everyone can afford to "Make the Shift" 

Every day average people can now have their own solar power plant right on their home or business and most can get to a zero electric bill, depending on how much power you use.

And, whether you go solar or not, or even if you don’t own your own home yet, you can still get involved. People Power means all people – you can help spread the word and educate others, your relatives, friends, neighbors, about this great new opportunity. We make it fun and easy – you can help make the world a better place by helping to reduce fossil fuels and reducing our carbon footprint, and get paid big cash incentives to pay for your own solar system, or just keep the cash for whatever you need.

Have you always wanted to go solar but thought you couldn’t afford it?

The Solar Buyers Club, aka "The Club", is a persuasive new portal which provides critical information and tools to assist and inspire homeowners, businesses, and entire communities to combine they're buying power effectively driving down the overall cost of rooftop solar.

Do you want to make a great living educating others about the benefits of solar energy?

The Club also provides a partnership platform where clean energy advocates "Club Leaders" can drive up the adoption of solar while dramatically driving down costs to their own communities. Everyone is welcomed and any individual or organization can become a Solar Buyers Club Leader – spreading the word while receiving excellent compensation.

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